Net Zero Ready Construction for the Next Generation Builder
In 2006 SuperSHELL coined the phrase Net Zero Ready, it has since caught on as the realistic solution for Sustainable housing.

While Net zero homes may be cost prohibitive at this time,
Net Zero Ready (NZR     ) homes are cost effective for a life-time of Savings!.

Are you wanting a home that can be heated with a couple of Hair Dryers? Perhaps you are looking for a new building for your business which is less expensive to heat and cool. Then a SuperSHELL building is what you need.  No one else can give you a product that exceeds todays and meets tomorrows building energy rating standards as well as SuperSHELL.

Explore our site and you will see that the best choice in building design today is SuperShell.

"Thank-you to Habitat for Humanity York Region for using the SuperSTUD technology on their LEED Platinum certified home"
Design your Next Home to be one of the Most Energy Efficient homes in the World!
Thanks Mike!